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Old 97

Mountain #97 did not give in easily. An alternative approach up an impossibly steep spur on the northern face, with a few mountain leeches thrown in for good measure. The weather held up though, making the mission that much more rewarding.


The 97th peak is now in the history books. All three of the remaining mountains could be seen from the summit, but time constraints meant they would have to wait for another time. Perhaps these leeches were a sign to slow down a bit and wait for cooler weather.


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The Final Four

Peaks #95 and #96 are in the bag. Our intrepid mountaineer gazes south, towards the quartet of untamed peaks remaining on the Kansai 100 list. A pair in Nara, and a duo in Wakayama, are all that stand between him and victory. With the rainy season slowly encroaching, it’ll be a tough battle for supremacy, but one that the yamaboy is ready for.


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