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The Hoshida 60 – Prologue

2020 has been quite a year, one that everyone hopes will never repeat itself. A worldwide pandemic, multiple advisories to avoid unnecessary travel, and an abrupt shift to working from home for the majority of the year have become all but routine these days. Mountains would have to wait, or would they? Sure, the meizan and loftier alpine peaks were out of reach, but the ‘new normal’ has forced me to look inward, to explore mountains in my own backyard that I had once put off as being too small and unworthy of exploration.

Flanked on either end by a series of electrical pylons, with the town built right up to the foothills on the front, and an intrusion of a golf course sculpted between the fine contours at the back, the Hoshida range does not appear in any magazines or mountaineering programs on TV. In fact, a mention of the Hoshida 60 would be greeted with a blank stare from anyone other than the most diehard of locals. Still, I can see them from my house every day, and can walk to them easily without risking infection by boarding a crowded train. Yes, they would have to do.

So, in order to retain a bit of fitness, and as a way of getting to know my neighborhood better, I accept the challenge and partake on a new adventure to climb 60 mountains: sit back and join me from a comfy armchair in isolation, as we ride out the pandemic together, one knob at a time through the hidden forests of Hoshida. 

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